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Find a total of 648 memory care facilities in Alaska for 2020. enables you to find memory care in Alaska. If your loved one has a memory care impairment and you need to locate an appropriate care facility in Alaska please look through all memory care options below and find one near you. Some of the services you can expect to get in dementia care facilities in Alaska include assistance with: taking a shower, dressing, moving from one place to another, eating, social and intellectual programs for dementia patients, lobby and rooms painted to aid with memory and more. Some memory care communities in Alaska accept Medicaid and Medicare.

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Alaska is one of the most beautiful places to live yet it also comes with some restrictions and difficulties for seniors. Because of the long, cold winters seniors may need quality in-house care especially because healthcare clinics and other facilities are spread out and not always quickly accessible. The same can definitely be said of memory care facilities in Alaska that are dedicated to serving patients dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

The two diseases are some of the most devastating, robbing beloved seniors of precious memory and ability to carry out daily functions. Thankfully, memory care communities in Alaska desire to keep your loved one safe and comfortable, not only providing a cozy atmosphere but also a place that can assist with Alzheimer’s treatment and medical attention.

Cost of Memory Care Facilities in Alaska

The high quality of living for seniors with dementia in Alaska does come with a stiff price. All in all, Alaska memory care facilities rank seventh in terms of being the most expensive. With an average cost of nearly $5,400 per month, or $64,800 per year, Alaska dementia care homes exceed the national average of approximately $4,800 per day, or $57,600 per year.

The bulk of dementia care facilities in Alaska are located in the city of Anchorage. The city accounts for more than half of the total state population, as the vast majority of the state is mountainous and inhabitable. Anchorage provides a nice backdrop for quality Alaska dementia care homes where prices range from around $100 per day for the most affordable, and up to $300 per day for the priciest facilities.

The cost of memory care facilities in Alaska can vary depending on a number of features and amenities. Some facilities are part of a larger skilled nursing facility or assisted living center, yet with a ward specifically designed for Alzheimer’s or dementia care. Meanwhile, select memory care facilities in Alaska are 100 percent reserved and dedicated for dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Alaska ranks just above Rhode Island, Illinois and Pennsylvania in terms of average monthly cost for memory care. The states of Maryland and New Hampshire are below it, as both states are slightly more expensive. It is difficult to find many other comparisons to Alaska Alzheimer’s care facilities with other states, given Alaska’s distance and rugged terrain compared to the rest of the continental United States.

Alaska Dementia Care - Amenities

Alaska memory care communities may not be as prominent as the lower 49 states of the U.S., yet the lack in quantity does not sacrifice quality. Alaska Alzheimer’s care homes provide top notch service with skilled nursing staff trained to handle the nuances of dementia or Alzheimer’s treatment. Each resident is treated with the utmost respect and dignity.

Dedicated memory care facilities in Alaska are equipped to help with a variety of functions including, eating, bathing, using the restroom and assistance with other daily activities. Meds are correctly handled and managed by staff. The units are established to make them as least confusing as possible. Sections may be color coded with easy directions back to a room or the commons area.

Meals are prepared and served daily. Activities specially designed for residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s are offered daily to help keep the brain active and encourage movement.

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