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For decades, Vermont has frequently been not at the top of the list when talking about retirement. You could probably attribute this to a number of factors, from the location of the state in the far northeast part of the United States to its small size (sixth smallest in the U.S. by size) to its limited population (second smallest in terms of people in U.S.). Yet, Vermont memory care communities are far from inferior to the rest of the costly northeast for elderly care.

Vermont may not be your typical state because while many other states ranks in the Top 5 or Top 10 for most expensive in terms of all forms of senior care, including dementia care, Vermont Alzheimer’s care homes are offered at reasonable prices. Currently ranked at 17th in the U.S., Vermont dementia care facilities are far closer to the national average yet provide access to the same high quality healthcare and scenic landscape of the American northeast.

Cost of Memory Care in Vermont

The national median for Alzheimer’s care in the United States is $160 per day, or $4,800 per month. Compared to Vermont, which is just $4 more per day based on the median, dementia care costs are nearly identical. It’s comforting news for seniors on the east coast that simply can’t afford the extremely high costs of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey.

Affordable Vermont memory care facilities can get even cheaper than that, as the lowest reported room for Alzheimer’s care in the state was recorded at $94 per day, and others can be found lower than the state median at approximately $120 to $140 per day. On the other side of the balance, the most expensive Vermont dementia care homes can reach prices of $240 to $280 per day, far closer to what you would expect to find in costly nursing homes in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The biggest problem with Vermont is the lack of senior housing. In a state that only has a little over 600,000 people, it fails to compare to the selection and variety for dementia care offered in other northeastern states that are far denser. So, while fewer people may be seeking to relocate to memory care communities in Vermont compared to other neighboring states, the competition can still be intense due to the limited variety.

The best cities to start with for dementia care search are Burlington, Essex, Colchester, Bennington, Rutland and Milton.

Vermont Dementia Care - Amenities

Standard amenities for memory care include servings of nutritional daily meals, housekeeping, help with daily functions and hygiene, scheduled programs and activities, personal productivity tasks and opportunities for leisure.

Well-trained staff is aware that dementia and Alzheimer’s are very complicated cognitive disorders, and thus treatment is often varied. It includes everything from keeping brain activity as healthy and active as possible, while also endorsing socialization and a loving network of people. Each person dealing with Alzheimer’s and their daily struggles are different, so appropriately the type of care your loved one receives may be different in certain ways compared to another resident at the facility.

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