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Find list of all 598 dementia & Alzheimer’s care facilities in New Jersey for 2020. enables you to find memory care in New Jersey. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease and you want to find an appropriate care facility in New Jersey please look through all memory care facilities below and find one near you. Some of the amenities you can expect to get in Alzheimer’s care facilities in New Jersey include aid with: bathing, dressing, moving around the facility, choosing dining options, special Alzheimer’s and dementia programs, rooms painted in special colors and more. Some memory care homes in New Jersey accept Medicaid and Medicare.

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Every state in the U.S. is number one to something and for memory care facilities in New Jersey, they unfortunately rank number one in being the most expensive. The old analogy that you get what you pay for is evident with New Jersey dementia care.

The very best service, rooms, amenities and healthcare is offered here, making New Jersey Alzheimer’s care facilities and dementia care homes arguably the most sought after in the United States. Your loved one could live and receive treatment for the awful effects of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia elsewhere, yet New Jersey is quite possibly the best for success rates and terrific testimonies.

Cost of Memory Care in New Jersey

New Jersey dementia care facilities are number one in the country for most expensive based on average monthly cost. The typical room at a New Jersey memory care community costs $200 per day, or nearly $6,000 per month. For a projected yearly cost, families will spend on average around $72,000.

The numbers are far higher than the national average of $160 per day, or $4,800 per month and $57,600 per year. Again, the inflated average rates are based on supply and demand, as New Jersey dementia care homes are in extreme demand, with some of highest rated care facilities having long waiting lists just to get in.

There are a few affordable options for memory care in New Jersey. In some less urban cities and towns in the state, there are reports of dementia care homes that reach prices as low as $120 per day. Some affordable facilities range between $140 and $160 per day.

Otherwise, expect to spend much more like $180 to $200 per day. It is also not out of the question to discover some of the most expensive Alzheimer’s care facilities in New Jersey reaching prices of $300 or more per day. The highest cost reported indicates daily rates of as much as $340 per day.

Compared to the rest of New England, New Jersey dementia care facilities are slightly higher than Connecticut (approximately $5,943 per month), Massachusetts (approximately $5,942 per month) and New York (approximately $5,927 per month). New Hampshire and Maryland, which rank fifth and sixth respectively in the nation, are even cheaper yet are still higher than the national average.

New Jersey Dementia Care - Amenities

New Jersey memory care facilities feature the very best in amenities. Along with standard services like assistance with daily functions (transferring out of and into a bed, bathing, going to the bathroom, etc.), the homes also provide clean rooms with added privacy and comfort, fresh and well-balanced daily meals, extended visitation hours for friends and family, private seating areas, opportunities for gardening and more.

Some of the most reputable, more expensive Alzheimer’s care homes in NJ also provide advanced amenities like an in-house beauty salon, barber shop, chapel or arts and crafts day-use area. Staff does their best to keep cognitive abilities for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia as strong as possible, featuring a variety of personal productivity activities along with opportunities for personal leisure.

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