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Find a total of 179 memory care communities in New Hampshire for 2020. enables you to locate dementia and Alzheimer’s care in New Hampshire. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s and you want to find an appropriate care facility in New Hampshire please look through all memory care facilities below and find one near you. Some of the amenities you can expect to receive in memory care facilities in New Hampshire include help with: bathing, dressing, transferring, selecting meals, specialized dementia care activities, lobby and rooms painted to aid with memory and more. Some memory care homes in New Hampshire accept Medicaid and Medicare.

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New Hampshire memory care facilities have a phenomenal reputation. The state is part of the highly sought-after New England part of the United States where some of the most highly esteemed medical facilities and doctors operate. Many excellent skilled nursing staffs are also employed, and it is a reason why waiting lists at some of the best dementia care homes in the state are constant.

Memory care homes in New Hampshire rank fifth in the nation in terms of being the most expensive based on average monthly rates. The only states with higher monthly rents are New Jersey, Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts all of which are also states in the northeast and part of the broader New England area. Consequently, while some could argue that New Hampshire dementia care is expensive, it is slightly cheaper than other states in the New England district.

Cost of Memory Care in New Hampshire

The average cost for memory care communities in New Hampshire is $186 per day. The national average is $160 per day for the same type of room, meaning that New Hampshire dementia care costs approximately $25 or more per day. The higher cost does add up, as residents of Alzheimer’s care homes in NH can spend $750 or more per month compared to the national average, and potentially $9,000 or more per year.

However, compared to the rest of New England, New Hampshire dementia care facilities are cheaper. The typical Alzheimer’s care facilities cost approximately $5,600 per month. Meanwhile, New York and Massachusetts dementia care facilities are substantially more at nearly $6,000 per month. Connecticut and New Jersey Alzheimer’s care is even more expensive.

What helps keep New Hampshire memory care communities slightly cheaper than the rest of the New England is the more rural and rugged landscape of the territory. New Hampshire is more northern, with slightly longer winters though no part of New England has extremely pleasant winters.

The state is also far less dense and populated. Only 1.3 million people call New Hampshire home, with only one city having more than 100,000 residents (Manchester). The communities of Nashua, Concord, Dover and Rochester may be smaller than large metropolitan areas in New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut yet the service is still excellent and provide quieter living environments. Furthermore, friends and families are still close to loved ones with travel between New England states still readily available.

New Hampshire Dementia Care - Amenities

The best dementia care facilities in New Hampshire offer a rare combination of terrific, highly knowledgeable and professional skilled nursing staff along with clean and luxurious rooms, and delicious food served daily along with regularly scheduled programs.

The top ranked Alzheimer’s care homes and dementia care facilities in the state provide a combination of personal productivity and personal leisure activities on a daily basis, with group interaction and socialization encouraged. Furthermore, staff can assist with a variety of daily functions including personal hygiene and getting dressed or getting hair done, prime contributions to a positive self-image and self-esteem.

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